On a limited basis, I am offering NeurOptimal neurofeedback as part of my health coaching. Below are a small collection of testimonials of my work:

I have better quality of sleep.

My anxiety is way down.

My obsessiveness is less and I am a lot calmer.

Before, if I was running late or if my niece was at my house making a mess, I would get anxious. Now it doesn’t bother me. Huge progress in that department.

I’m noticing more clarity and more ease.

I’m able to observe my negative thoughts. I tell myself that doesn’t serve me and flip it to a positive one.

There is a pause before I react to situations where before I used to just react quickly, sometimes with anger and a kind of explosiveness without thinking about it.

I’m feeling much more satisfied in general.

My mood swings are less frequent and less consuming.

If I start going down a hole where my thinking is getting cyclical, I come out of it much more easily.

I have seen a lot of therapists in the past. This is the only thing that has helped with my mood. My family has noticed a big change in me.