NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

Of the 8 neurofeedback systems I used in my 20 years of specializing in neurofeedback, the unit that my clients most preferred was the NeurOptimal. They wanted sessions that were brief, comfortable, caused no adverse effects, were cost effective, and produced fast results (within the first 6 trainings). With NeurOptimal, clients show improved mood, reduction in fearfulness, have greater ability to handle stress, rebound faster after setbacks, and develop a greater distance between them and their thoughts. It is not uncommon to have clients resolve issues that were resistive to other approaches. This includes complete remission of “pure” O (OCD), nocturnal bedwetting, chronic fears of throwing up, debilitating depression, inability to finish a thesis or pass the bar exam, and temper outbursts just to name a few. Children start listening better to their parents and become more compliant. Teenagers begin to talk to their parents instead of acting out. Children start understanding what the teachers are saying and are more motivated to do their homework and turn it in. Those with autistic spectrum disorder have been helped as well. About 75% of all my clients have been very pleased with the results. I found also its useful in delaying or reducing the symptoms of early dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s very common to hear that those seeing a psychotherapist at the same time make faster progress using the NeurOptimal.

It has been my goal to offer neurofeedback to the community at an affordable cost. It clearly is a balance between the expense of the hardware and software with my time and expertise and the ability of my clients to pay. The average cost of completion of neurofeedback is $2200. Clients typically see me 1-2 times weekly for 20 sessions on average. Some see me far less and some far more. Each brain is different and I try and customize my work as much as possible. Some find value in adding the Alpha-Stim to their program.