My Resume


Ph.D., Professional Psychology (Clinical Psychodiagnostics), United States International University (Alliant University), San Diego, California, January l981.

M.A., Counseling Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara, California, August l976.

B.A., Psychology, California State University, Dominguez Hills, California, June l974. Graduated with Great Distinction (3.96 gpa)


CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST, Telemedicine for mental health, Eugene, OR. 4/2020-12/2020

CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST, Private practice and owner of Santa Barbara Brain Fitness, 5266 Hollister Ave, Suite 204, Santa Barbara, CA. Specialized in neurofeedback and behavioral strategies for anxiety disorders, mood disorders, chemical dependency, and post-traumatic stress disorders. 3/2001 to 4/2019

PROFESSIONAL SABBATICAL from 5/2000 to 3/2001. Traveled abroad.

CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST/ DIRECTOR, Bayshore Psychology Center and Cocaine Alternatives, 4132 Katella, Ste. 206, Los Alamitos, CA 90720. Private practice. Provided individual, couple, and family therapy; psychological testing and evaluation. Specialized in short term therapy, marital therapy, workers’ compensation, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, cocaine dependency, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 5/1985 to 5/2000

CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST, Adult and Family Psychiatric Medical Group, 4519 N. Rosemead Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770. In a large group private practice setting, provided individual and group psychotherapy, psychological testing and evaluation, marital and family therapy, and crisis intervention. One-third of my caseload involved inpatient services at the Alhambra Psychiatric Hospital under the supervision of the Medical Director, Jack Lindheimer, M.D. 1/1982 to 6/1986.


FACULTY, CALIFORNIA GRADUATE INSTITUTE, Los Angeles, CA. From 1997-2002 taught courses: Psychopharmacology, Overview of EMDR, Separation Theory and Voice Therapy, and Fear of Intimacy.

LECTURER, PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT, California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA 4/1978 to 6/1982. Taught thirteen (13) undergraduate courses over a four year period which included: Introduction to Psychology; Research Methods in Psychology; Psychology of Human Sexuality; Abnormal Psychology; Introduction to Clinical Psychology; Psychology of Consciousness.


Utilizing Phase-Oriented Treatment, Polyvagal Theory & Adjunctive Interventions to Regulate Arousal in Trauma Treatment, Daphne Fatter, PhD, 3.0 CEU 3/2020

Calming the Emotional Storm: Distress Tolerance Skills, Sheri Van Dijk, MSW, 1.5 CEU, 3/2020

Cultural Competency, Ron Miyaguchi, PhD, 4 CEU 3/2020

Certificate Program in TeleMental Health and Digital Ethics, Zur Institute 26 CEU 2/2020

Understanding and Overcoming Adverse Childhood Events, Lisa Firestone, PhD 1.5 CEU, 2/2020

NeuroField Neurofeedback Conference, 17.0 CEU, 2017

Elderly Mental Health: Depression and Dementia, 7.0 CEU, 3/2017.

Short Course in Mindfulness Living: Elisha Goldstein, PhD 1.5 CEU, 3/2017

Mindfulness, Healing, and Transformation: Jon Kabat-Zinn, 1.0 CEU, 3/2017

Understanding and Overcoming Relationship Anxiety: Lisa Firestone, PhD, 1.5 CEU, 2/2017

Rewiring the Brain: Neurofeedback with Bessel van der Kolk, MD, 1.5 CEU, 1/2017.

Clinical Implications and Applications of the AAI Interview: Dan Seigel, MD, 1.5 CEU, 1/27/2017

Executive Dysfunction in Brain Disorders: Elkhonon Goldberg, PhD, 3.0 CEU, 11/2016

AAPB Webinar: HRV Coherence and PTSD, 1.5 CEU, 8/2016

Executive Functions and the Frontal Lobe: Elkhonon Goldberg, PhD, 3.0 CEU, 10/2016

Adding Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback to Exposure Therapy, 1.5 CEU, 10/2016

How to Increase the Impact of HRV Biofeedback Training, 1.5 CEU, 6/2016

Pain Management: A comprehensive review, 6.0 CEU, 6/2016

Legal and Ethical Challenges Using the DSM-5: Best Practices, 6.0 CEU, 9/2016

AAPB Webinar: NeuroField pEMF fundamentals, 1.5 CEU, 3/2016

NeuroField QEEG and pEMF 6-day Bootcamp, Nick Dogris, PhD, Bishop, CA, 42 CEUs, 9/2014.

Professional EEG Neurofeedback Certificate Program 4-day, Stens Corporation, John Anderson, MA, 36 CEU, 6/2014.

39th Annual Biofeedback Society of California Conference, 15.75 CEU, 9/2013.

Clinical Application of EEG, Robert W. Thatcher, PhD, 16 CEU, 10/2013.

NeuroField and EEG Z-Score Neurofeedback, Nick Dogris, PhD, 24 CEU, 3/2013.

Introduction to Biograph Infinity Software – General Biofeedback, Thought Technology, Brendan Parsons, BCN, online course, 6 CEU, 8/2012.

Biofeedback Society of California Regional Meeting, Pasadena, CA, 6.5 CEU, 5/2012

Introduction to Biograph Infinity Software – Neurofeedback, Thought Technology, Brendan Parsons, BCN, online course, 6 CEU, 4/2012.

EEG ClinicalQ and Braindriving Workshop, Paul Swingle, PhD, Vancouver, Canada, 20 CEU, 3/2012.

37th Annual Biofeedback Society of California Conference, 20 CEU, 11/2011.

Clinical Supervision: State of the Art, Professional Psych Seminars, online course, 6 CEU, 9/2010.

International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR) Annual Conference, Denver, CO, 20 CEU, 9/2010.

Nutrition and the Aging Brain, Institute for Brain Potential, Santa Barbara, CA, 6 CEU, 3/2010.

Advanced Theory and Practice of Neurofeedback, Clinical Summit West, EEGinfo, Woodland Hills, CA, 24 CEU, 7/2009.

Right Brain Affect Regulation, Allan Schore, PhD, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA, 4 CEU, 10/2007.

International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR) 15th Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, 15 CEU, 9/2007.

33rd Annual Biofeedback Society of California Conference, 3 CEU, 9/2007.

32nd Annual Biofeedback Society of California Conference, 26 CEU, 11/2006.

International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR) 13th Annual Conference, 19 CEU, 9/2007.

Aging and Long Term Care, AATBS, Ventura, CA, 4 CEUs, 4/2005.

California Law & Ethics for Psychologists, AATBS, 6 CEU, 1/2005.

Brain Injury: Stroke, Alzheimer’s, and Head Trauma, Institute for Natural Resources, 6 CEU, 1/2005.

The NeuroCare Approach to CNS Functional Transformation using Non-linear Dynamical Control Procedures: 3-day technical certification course, Val Brown, PhD and Susan Brown, PhD, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 21 hours, 4/2004.

Intensive Basic Workshop Part I; Foundations of Neurofeedback, Cory Hammond, PhD, Joseph Horvath, PhD, and Marvin Sams, ND, International Society for Neuronal Regulation (ISNR), Los Angeles, CA, 8 CEU, 9/2003

Intensive Basic Workshop Part II; Introduction to Quantitative EEG, Joe Lubar, PhD, Judith Lubar, PhD, International Society for Neuronal Regulation (ISNR), 8 CEU, 9/2003

3rd Annual Neuropathways EEG Imaging Conference, Margaret Ayers, 14 hours, 8/2003

“Law and Ethics in Psychotherapy”, R. Cassidy Seminars, 5 CEU, 6/2003

2nd Annual Neuropathways EEG Imaging Conference, Margaret Ayers, 14 hours, 8/2002

“Non-Pharmaceutical Approaches to Mental Disorders: physiological causes and resolutions”, Safe Harbor, 12 CEU, 6/2002

“Applications of Voice Therapy”, Lisa Firestone, PhD and Joyce Catlett, MA, Glendon Association, 12 CEU, Santa Barbara, CA, 5/2002

“Evidence-Based Hypnosis-An Update on Effective Hypnotic Treatments”, Corydon Hammond, PhD, Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis, 6 CEU, Los Angeles, CA, 3/2002

“Pain Management: perception and management”, Brent Van Dorsten, PhD, Cortext Educational Seminars, 6 CEU, 11/2001

“The Developing Mind: advances in interpersonal neurobiology, clinical implications”, Daniel Siegel, MD, 6 CEU, 3/2001.

Neuropathways EEG Biofeedback Clinical Skills Training, Margaret Ayers, MA, 40 hours, Beverly Hills, CA, 2/2001.

Prescription Privilege Preparation Program, Prescribing Psychologists’ Register, Series 1-17, 300 CEU, 1994-1999.

“Understanding and Treating Chemical Dependency”, Edward Kaufman, MD, UCI Family Therapy Training Program, 7 CEU, Irvine, CA, 5/1997

“A Scientifically-Based Marital Therapy”, John Gottman, PhD, Seattle Marital and Family Institute, Inc., 12 CEU, 5/1997

“Combating Destructive Thought Processes”, Lisa Firestone, PhD & Joyce Catlett, MA, UCSB Extension, Santa Barbara, CA, 6 CEU, 9/1997

“Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMD-R) Level II Training”, Francine Shapiro, PhD, Los Angeles, CA, 14 CEU, 4/1996.

“Beyond Survivor ’95: Advances in the Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder”, Richard Landis, PhD, Southern California Society for Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis, 20 CEU, 7/1995.

“Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMD-R) Level I Training”, Francine Shapiro, PhD, Los Angeles, CA, 14 CEU, 1/1994.

Separation Theory & Voice Therapy Study/Training Group, Los Angeles, CA. Completed an 18 month post-graduate course consisting of seven weekend seminars and ten monthly follow-up sessions studying the theory and therapy methods of Robert W. Firestone, PhD. 136 hours, 11/1991 to 4/1993.

Alpha Theta EEG Biofeedback Training, Dale Walters, PhD, Menninger Clinic, Topeka, KS, 16 hours 1991.


National Register of Health Service Psychologists


Psychologist License (OR) 2523, issued 7/2015 (inactive)
Psychologist License (CA) PSY 7309, issued 1/1982 (inactive)
Board Certified Neurofeedback (BCIA)