Dealing with Fear

September 6, 2023

Chronic fear is damaging to the body and mental health. Here are some basic strategies to decrease fear so the body and mind can repair and restore.


Alpha-stim AID. This is a simple and easy to use battery driven device that you wear around your neck and place padded ear clips on your ear lobes. It produces a mild electric current which has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety and depression. It also helps to improve sleep.


Periodically take a break from the news. There seems to be ever increasing bad news and more uncertainty. While we all need to be informed, it’s important not to obsess on it.

Having quiet time is essential. 20 minutes a day of just about any kind of meditation is good.

Try Herbert Benson’s Relaxation Response. It’s easy to use and very well researched.

Every day go outside, take your socks and shoes off and ground yourself for at least 10 min.

Practice autogenic training. It works.

Use Open Focus as created by Les Fehmi. You simply listen to his CD and follow along.

Mindfully listen to soothing music. Spotify has an amazing selection.

Produce art of any kind – painting, music, sketching, dancing, sculpting – all count.

Get eight hours of sleep.

Avoid electronic screens after 9 PM.


Be mindful of what you eat to make sure you are consuming nutritious food and minimizing toxins.

Take care of your gut microbiome by avoiding glyphosate and adding prebiotic fermented foods.

Zach Bush sells ION Gut Support. This would be good to add to your program.

Three times weekly exercise with interval training. Heart rate up, then heart rate down.

Take nature walks often. Turn your awareness to all that is alive around you and forget about the human world.

Read the book “The Genius of Flexibility” by Bob Cooley and use his stretching and strengthening exercises.


Study cognitive behavioral methods to change your negative thinking. One good book is “When Panic Attacks” by David Burns

Journaling often helps. You privately write about what’s happening in your emotional life, uncensored, and for your eyes only. There seems to be something cathartic about that.

Always maintain optimism towards the future. Trust the intelligence of nature. There is a larger plan unfolding and it is meant to be this way. This will all work out.


Reduce your feelings of loneliness (which will only perpetuate your level of fear).

Engage in shared projects larger than yourself.

Offer help to a friend who could use your assistance.

Reduce the amount of time being isolated while at the same time avoid being around toxic people.


Engage in daily prayer.

Read spiritually uplifting books.

Start each day and end each day reminding yourself what you are grateful for.

Rejuvenate your soul by forgiving others while experiencing a feeling of compassion.

If you are drawn to this, practice Ho’oponopono for forgiveness.

Read the book “Letting Go” by David Hawkins.

Learn how to develop your right mind so it can become the master of your left hemisphere.

Avoid victim mentality. If you are concerned about your loss of personal freedom, become a change agent and get involved in local politics. Do not comply to demands that violate you moral and ethical beliefs, while at the same time being civil and non-confrontational. Speak your truth without being reactive.