Waking Up Humanity: Intention to Elevate Global Consciousness

January 16, 2021

Dan Staso, PhD / January 2021


This project is being launched to help people use the power of intention to bring forth a higher level of consciousness as individuals and as a collective. Through this forum, participants will intensify the light of consciousness to dispel the darkness we’re facing at this critical point. Human consciousness has vast potential far beyond what we can imagine. Not only are we capable of becoming more powerful individually, but when we put our minds together, we can influence what happens globally. Only our belief systems hold us back. I invite anyone interested to join me on a weekly basis to share this collective intention.


We are living in perhaps the most challenging time in human history, one filled with strong emotions and contradictory visions of our future. There are those holding intentions to rapidly genetically modify human beings to become a transhuman species, and others whose focus is to become adept at basic survival. Global business leaders are openly speaking of a permanent and radical change in the way we live, work, learn, eat, socialize, spend money, and travel.

We acknowledge that within each human being resides the light of consciousness as well as shadow material that may be dormant or active, and this is true for the species as a whole. We’re now seeing humanity’s collective shadow very actively spreading over the world in the form of fear and control. While we may be conditioned to fight in such situations, using force against force is never effective – it only increases conflict and adds more energy to the shadow. Since light is the only way to banish darkness, we intend to bring the light of our consciousness to bear on the current crisis.


We will use positive intention as the catalyst to shift into a higher state of global consciousness and strengthen the core of humanity. This means rising above any negative aspects of the current situation we may perceive – specifically, we’ll avoid the common impulses of blame, politicization or polarization to stay unified and focused on a higher-level perspective.

According to Lynne McTaggart’s research, a group of people focusing on one goal can make measurable changes in the outside world, such as reducing violence. This project seeks to manifest something even larger; we’ll combine our intentions to strengthen the human spirit so that we all can thrive. This is not about resisting anything, but rather using our power to manifest a life full of expanding joy, meaning, happiness, love, freedom, and connection. We value these experiences and feel that life is not worth living without them. We accept the fact that we are mortal and will die, and we’re willing to face the risk of living fully. We can meet the challenge of these times by collectively waking up to the power of our own consciousness.

Schedule and Agenda

We’ll meet via Zoom weekly on Sundays at 9:00am Pacific time.

Each meeting’s agenda will be similar. First we’ll briefly discuss the project’s goals, and then we’ll have a short period of silence during which we’ll focus on inner body sensing as a felt experience, free of words. By doing this we become present with our essential being, the core of who we are, and we recognize that we share this in common with all of humanity. This is what bonds us.

We’ll then hold a collective intention for ten minutes, using our consciousness to positively influence the outer world and to visualize a future when all people have become more conscious beings. By doing this, we’ll strengthen our will to live, eliminate fear, feel the strength of each other, and see a new world manifesting that’s based on the most loving expression of our humanity. After a few minutes, our brain wave patterns will begin to resonate together on the same frequency, which creates amplification. This amplification affects the quantum field non-locally. These waveforms directly influence probabilities of future outcomes based on our intention. We bring forth (pulled from the future) greater consciousness, freedom, love, joy, generosity, dignity, and connection.   

Lastly, we’ll share our personal experiences of what it was like to hold the intention. This helps us feel part of a larger community. One of the best ways to strengthen the feeling of your own humanity is to know you’re not alone. We are truly all in this together and the future of the human species is up to us.

If you’re interested in participating, please send me an email at:  privatetalk44@protonmail.com